Gideon Idoko
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Gideon Idoko - Software Engineer


Gideon Idoko

Hello, My name is Gideon, I'm a solution-driven Software Engineer with a knack for building products with unique experiences.


Here're some selected projects that showcase my passion for crafting memorable experiences and products:


Agro-exclusive market and logistics mobile platform that helps tackle food waste and optimize food supply chain.

Role: Mobile/Backend Engineer

Stack: React-Native, RTK, Node.js, FCM, Prisma, MySQL, ...

Useri cover


Web platform that manages local football teams, players, fixture and live scores with real-time updates.

Role: Full-stack Engineer

Stack: TypeScript, Next.js, tRPC, Ably

Kanta cover


AI/mobile-based student smart personal assistant for tracking activities, task, courses and more.

Role: Full-stack/AI Engineer

Stack: React Native, RTK, Node.js, Python, Rasa, Sanic

Dentbud cover


Biometric attendance system that tracks student attendance using fingerprint biometrics.

Role: Full-stack/CV Engineer

Stack: React, React-Query, Zustand, Node.js (Express), Python, Flask, Computer Vision

BAS cover


Functional clone of LinkedIn assessment to help you ace your assessments.

Role: Full-stack Developer

Stack: React, Node.js, Zustand, ...

LinAssess cover


Lightweight JS libary for creating circular progress bars.

Role: Frontend Developer

Stack: JavaScript, Parcel, TailwindCSS

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— Services —

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  • Product Engineering

    I develop, integrate and maintain software solutions like websites, web apps, portals, PWAs, APIs etc.

  • User Friendly Products

    I build products that are easy to use, highly user-centered and deliver value to your business.

  • Product Review

    I ensure a product is in its best performance by reviewing for potential issues and making improvements on it.

  • Ongoing Support

    I cater the technical maintenance and supports that deal with content editing and design reorganization.

  • Tailored Development

    I brief about your goals as this enables me build products that really reflect your business and its personality.

  • Rigorous Testing

    I deal with all possible combinations of good testing approaches so that flaws can be found and removed from the system.

— Articles —

Yup! I also write ✍🏽👨🏽‍🏫.